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Production of LC Siren Amplifier Horns. Pre-galvanised steel manufactured horns.

Amplifier Loudspeaker Horns and Protection Grids


You can add a set of 8 Loudspeaker Horns to your LM, LC, and DS sirens. They are mounted with protective anti-bird grids.

Or you can install protective grids without horn directly onto the siren.


Horns are made in Stainless steel or galvanized.


These 8 horns will increase the alarm range.

To install alarms in crowded urban areas, sirens LM, LC, DS can work without horns (In this case, small protection anti-bird grids will be installed in place of horns). For installation recommendation, click on "Horn installation" button here below.


For pricing, contact: Moteurs Fox.

Amplifier Horns used for LM sirens (left) and LC sirens (right). Pre-galvanised steel manufactured horns.

Pavillons DS (1).jpeg

DS Siren mounted with 8 Amplifier Loudspeaker Horns + Anti bird grids.

Pakita DS 2019.jpeg

Amplifier Horns used for DS sirens. Pre-galvanised steel manufactured horns.

DS Siren mounted with 8 Amplifier Loudspeaker Horns + Anti bird grids.

PAKITA Electromechanical warning sirens to alert and protect people to natural, technologic or nuclear risks, weather disasters, floodings, tornadoes, fires, explosions, terrorism, terrorist attacks. Civilian protection, civil defense, Home land defenseMoteurs FOX, France/USA.

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