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Amplifier Loudspeaker Horn Installation


Sirens LM, LC, and DS types carry amplifier horns loudspeakers. These horns (8 of them) are delivered separately. Customers should install them on site following precise instructions described here below:


   Important notes to refer before installing horns !

1) Double-check that PAKITA siren is properly sealed on its base.

2) Double-check that the rotor (turbine) is not blocked in the stator (housing)

3) Double-check that the motor connected on each phase at the motor terminals.

4) Double-check the plug in of the grounding line.

5) Double-check that when the turbine begins to rotate, the rotation direction corresponds to the direction indicated by the arrow on the front siren hood.


   Horn Installation Procedure :

Housing openings are framed with four or six (in the case of DS siren type) screws. Each screw is equipped with lock-nuts.


NOTE: If present, remove the anti-bird grids before mounting horns.


1) The technician who is mounting horns has to be positioned in front of a housing phonic opening.

2) Remove the two nuts localized on the left screws.

3) Loose the two nuts localized on the right screws, without removing them. 

4) The horn fixtures contain each two un-notched holes and two notched holes. First, engage the 2 notched holes onto the 2 right housing screws equipped with lose nuts. Then, engage the two other un-notched holes onto the two left screws. Put back nuts onto these two left screws. Tight moderately all nuts to adjust appropriately horn positioning.

For dismantlement: Proceed backward the same installation steps here above. 

PAKITA Electromechanical warning sirens to alert and protect people to natural, technologic or nuclear risks, weather disasters, floodings, tornadoes, fires, explosions, terrorism, terrorist attacks. Civilian protection, civil defense, Home land defense, curfews, Seveso disasters, Moteurs FOX, France/USA.

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