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Moteurs Fox Trainings


 • Professional Training Program to master the use of Control Cabinets.

Price per hour or half day. Consult us.


 • Moteurs FOX is associated with the University of Lille I and the considered “Central School of Lille” for students to complete their technical education on electro-mechanic projects.


 • We welcome worldwide students.


 • It is possible for students to ask for a training at Moteurs Fox. Please, contact Mr Gérard Odoux at:



PAKITA Electromechanical warning sirens to alert and protect people to natural, technologic or nuclear risks, weather disasters, floodings, tornadoes, fires, explosions, terrorism, terrorist attacks. Civilian protection, civil defense, Home land defense, curfews, Seveso disasters, Moteurs FOX, France/USA.

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